About us


We offer film professional training for groups and individuals


Who We Are

Kongo Bizizi Academy (The Pan African Film Institute) is the Pan-African Institute of filmmaking founded on 02 May 2018 by Ne Kunda Nlaba, an Award-winning African Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor, and Political Scientist; a Master of Arts in Film, Television and Screen Media.

Kongo Bizizi Academy was founded to resolve the issue of the lack of formal film schools in Central Africa.


Kongo Bizizi Academy’s idea started in 2007 in the form of the film invention and research center of the film production company Labson Bizizi-Cine Kongo, dedicated to researches and inventions in the moving image art industry and became the film academy in 2018 to not only research but also publish and transfer the industry knowledge to the people in Africa and the Diaspora and train them.


The term Bizizi means film or cinema art in Kikongo, one of the old languages in Africa that was spoken in the Kingdom of Kongo and nowadays spoken in many countries such as Angola, in the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Gabon and many more.


Our aims

As a professional training school, Kongo Bizizi Academy (The Pan African Film Institute) aims to provide training, workshops, masterclasses, and short courses in the filmmaking sector in Central Africa and across the African continent.
Our long-term plan is to move to a further and higher education film institute and provide film courses from college to university degree level in the heart of Africa.
Our course is both theoretical and practical offering the opportunity to students to produce films while studying and at the end of their studies as final projects and develop their skills as Film Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Cinematographers, Editors, and many more for film and television sector.

Our courses are taught by award-winning industry professional filmmakers, film scholars, and academicians at the same level as in the United Kingdom and the United States using new technologies.




Ne Kunda Nlaba

Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor, and Political Scientist

MA Film, Television and Screen Media