Ne Kunda Nlaba

Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Political Scientist

MA Film, Television and Screen Media

Born in Kinshasa in D.R.Congo, Ne Kunda Nlaba is an award-winning African Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Actor, and Political Scientist based in London. He is the owner and C.E.O of Labson Bizizi-Cine Kongo Ltd and Afrika Bizizi Distribution Ltd, founder and Film Professor at Kongo Bizizi Academy “the Pan African Film Institute”, creator of Bizizi Box and also a member of Producers Guild of Great Britain (PGGB).


A confident and creative filmmaker with experience in writing, producing, and directing narrative fiction and documentary films of diverse genres. Recently produced and directed short and feature films distributed on streaming platforms such as Amazon and Kweli TV, on Television, in cinema, and at national and international film festivals including “The Next” (2009), “The Steel Pan: The Spiritul Instrument of the 20th century” (2010), “Living Without Living” (2011), "Cherie Bondowe" (2012), “Abeti Masikini: Le Combat d’Une Femme” (2015) and “Kimpa Vita: The Mother of African Revolution” (2016), “Kingdom of Kongo: In Search of the Destroyed Kingdom” (2020) and is producing a dance feature film "Afro Beat", the drama feature film “Kimpa Vita” and the documentary feature film "Mfumu Kimbangu: A Black Saviour"




Apart from his secondary school diploma in Biology and Chemistry from Kinshasa, Ne Kunda Nlaba had his degree in political science from Université Chrétienne Cardinal Malula in Kinshasa in 2005, an L3 city & guild diploma in Advanced media
industries production from Lambeth College in London in 2010, a
Certificate of Higher Education in BA(Hons) Film: Video production with film studies from the University of West London in 2013 and a Master of Arts in Film, Television & Screen Media from the Birkbeck University of London in 2018.


Early life 


Ne Kunda Nlaba started his career in art since he was a very little child by performing in plays and doing poetry at primary school and secondary school in Kinshasa in D.R.Congo where he won some best actor trophies from school drama competitions and then started directing and giving drama training at age 16 to children from Baraka primary school in Kinshasa where he also won prizes for Best director and best performance. 


He made his first film appearance as the main actor in Kinshasa in a short film “Un Virus A L’Ecole” directed by Alain Ndontoni in 1998. He performed in several plays and storytelling including "Shella" 1998 "Pasteur Contre Evangéliste" 1999 with Heaven Boyz company, "Cri de Détresse et d’Espoir" 2005 "Nsengane" (Conte) 2007 with Virunga Theatre and also participated in the creation of contemporary dance shows such as "Na Nini?“and "Bataille Sans Fin" with Diba Dance company of choreographer Jean-Marie Musungayi. 

He founded his theater company, Virunga Theatre and a Cultural Centre called Labson Cultur'arts in Kinshasa in 2004 and then created Festival Solo or Mosi, a one-man show festival which had its first edition in 2005 and the second edition in 2007 in Kinshasa. 


In 2006, Ne Kunda Nlaba started working with Canal 5 television channel as a marketing/sale agent and presenter, and then joined Mbongi'Eto Cultural Centre with the griot Ne Nkamu Luyindula and also the project Kiamvu-Le Pont as a Communication Officer while working still as an actor. 


He got the inspiration of Bizizi, the Black African art of the moving image (comparable to the cinema) in 2007, founded his film production company Labson Bizizi-Cine Kongo and began his film career in Kinshasa and produced his first short horror film "The Next" in 2009 in London, a year after he moved to the United Kingdom and his first documentary “The Steel Pan: The Spiritual musical Instrument of the 20th Century” in 2010 which was screened at Montreal Black Film Festival in Montreal in Canada in 2011, and produced his first drama feature film “Cherie Bondowe” in 2012. 

Throughout his career path from theatre, rap, contemporary dance, photography to radio and television; Ne Kunda Nlaba associates all this experience gained from his long journey to express his vision of the world and also connect not only with the African public but also with the world public through his films. He hopes to make film a remedy that will make humans live for several centuries.




Kimpa Vita” a biopic drama feature film about Kimpa Vita (actually in development).
Genre: Drama, Credit: Producer, Director and Screenwriter.


Afro Beat” a dance feature film about based on Afrobeat dance competition (actually in pre-production).
Genre: Drama, Credit: Producer, Director and Screenwriter.


2021: “Mfumu Kimbangu: The Black Saviour

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.


2020: “The Kingdom of Kongo: In Search of the Destroyed Kingdom” a documentary feature film about the Kingdom of Kongo

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Producer, Director and Screenwriter.


2016: “Kimpa Vita: The Mother of the African Revolution

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.


2015: “Abeti Masikini: Le Combat d’Une Femme

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Producer and Co-director.


2012: “Chérie Bondowe

Genre: Drama, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.


2011: “Living Without Living

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.


2010: “The Steel Pan: The Spiritual Instrument of the 20th Century

Genre: Documentary, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.


2009: “The Next” (2009)

Genre: Horror, Credit: Writer, Producer and Director.